Very happy to introduce our new group member — Rong Li
Best wishes for her for the next few years of postdoc life.
Here is a brief self-introduction for her:

I am Rong Li with my PhD degree from Tsinghua University majoring in Nuclear Science and Technology, where my research focused on the study of irradiation-induced stress and failure behavior of TRISO particles in HTGR. At the same time, I worked as a visiting scholar at the Nuclear Fuels and Materials Performance Research group at the University of Tennessee, and Dr. Fei Gao’s group at the University of Michigan related to the molecular dynamics simulation of radiation effects in nuclear materials.

I obtained my Bachelor’s degree at the Department of Metallurgical and Environmental Engineering, Central South University. My previous research experience was in Experimental Metallurgy, where I worked on the characterization of sodium aluminate/silicate solution using X-ray Diffraction, Raman spectroscopy, and UV-Vis. My postdoc research work with Dr. Haixuan Xu’s group is focusing on the development and application of the SEAKMC simulations.

Research Interests:
Computational modeling of radiation effects in materials, defect evolution/interaction under irradiation, KMC simulation, MD simulation, ab-initio calculations


Warmly welcome for her again.

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